Badu Community

Badu Community CIC donate page

Badu Community receives little or no funding and relies on the goodwill of others to help us support the local community.

We endeavour to have a huge impact on young people by engaging them in positive activities at the critical stages of their lives. Some of our achievements to date, to name but a few are:

Special Moments;

Supporting the local community in providing festive holiday hampers to those families in desperate need over the seasonal period. Last year we supported over 90 families this year we would like to increase that number. Any donation however small would help toward this.

Residential Trips to Devon;

Giving the opportunity to children in funding enrichment activities that are chosen to broaden their life experiences outside of London. This is mainly aimed at children who will be moving on to Secondary schools to relieve any anxieties they may have and also provides opportunities for them forge friendships ensuring that they have familiar faces on starting secondary school.  Activities include caving, coast steering, abseiling, teambuilding, leap of faith and many more

After school Clubs;

Sponsoring a vulnerable child for 6 months to attend one of our many clubs from football, netball, dance, basketball to Cross country.

School Holiday camps

Providing opportunities for young people to engage in physical activities throughout the school holidays. The programme consists of fun-filled activities from 8.00am to 6.00pm each day, ensuring that family can still go to work knowing that their child/ren are engaged in activities that keep them entertained and in a safe environment for no less than 10hours each day.

The young people will be exposed to new opportunities in gaining valuable lifeskills, improve their knowledge of sports and a healthy lifestyle, and in turn this leads to a decrease in loneliness and improvement in mental health.

Holiday Hunger;

Providing a small amount of money can provide lunch for a child for one week during one of our school holiday camps. These children would ordinarily be on free school meals but during the holiday period this can cause financial difficulties and we see on a daily basis the indications that some children may be suffering.

£0-£10 your chosen amount can provide help to various activities we provide in the community.

£10.00 can feed a child at school holiday camp for one week.

£20.00 can help us provide programmes such as family fitness workshops that prevent both young people and their families feeling isolated due to financial pressures.

£60.00 can sponsor a child to attend one of our many clubs for 6 months, ensuring that they are able to enjoy time with their peers in a safe environment and have a sense of belonging.

£90.00 can sponsor a vulnerable child for a whole week between the hours of 8.00am and 6.00pm to attend our holiday camp to prevent the risk of exclusion and or social isolation.

£250.00 can sponsor a child from a lower income background who have higher expectations to attend a residential place where they can learn transferable skills and face life challenges. Positive mentoring plays a big part of this placement.