Our Aims

We aim to provide a positive and empowering outlet for all to embrace, with events that can be a great facilitator for community engagement and interaction, helping build stronger bonds within all postcodes. We support the transition with young people at a critical stage of their lives and we start this from a primary age working with them as individuals and their families, this has an outcome such as bringing people together and building strong relationships in and across the community.

Physical activity is essential for healthy and optimal development through childhood and early adulthood. Sport provides manyopportunities for a physically active routine; which children gain plenty of life skills and lessons under their belts to help the theirs and their communities future. Badu Community uses itsinfluence and relationships within the community to help regeneration within people by upskilling their knowledge and allowing them to get to a stage where they can be employed and give back to their community. This will help with social economic outcomes such as less antisocial behaviour, which will enable more people to fulfil their potential by working to address issues at the earliest possible stage.

Youth Crime Reduction

Many different factors play a role in youth crime rates and here at Badu we believe sports can help with some of the key elements. Boredom and a lackof supervision combined with other risk factors can provide opportunities for anti-social behaviour. We provide many extra-curricular activities outside school times, which can help preoccupy children’s time, while providing a positive and healthy outlet. Being part of sports teams can mean more friends and further boosting community and school participation. Our mentorship and guidance from young leaders within the community can also help guide students to a positive lifestyle.

Future Role Models (Young Leaders)

Our future role models are ex-students or young people we have met throughout the years who have stood out as young people who want to give back to their communities through sports or mentoring. They’ve seen that sports can be a great platform for learning many life skills and lessons. Lessons like to succeed in sports they have to learn the importance of teamwork and benefitting their social skills. Learning how to take a win or loss can also teach them valuable lessons on sportsmanship and integrity. High-pressure situations on the field can also teach our youth how to succeed in real-life situations. Finally, being involved in youth sports either as a child or as a parent can help build community awareness and appreciation. A vibrant, active community can help influence other citizens of all ages to be more active in their lives, creating a positive cascading effect.