Badu Community
“Proud 2 Be” was an inclusive multi-cultural event, that was provided for members of our local community. This event allowed families, young people and children to come and immerse themselves into cultural aspects related to black history month. Proud 2 Be ran across two days. Across these 2 days we had numerous events and activities, there was a fashion showcase, African drumming sessions, art sessions and there were black owned businesses selling their goods.
This was our second year running Proud 2 Be and we saw a huge increase in people attending. Everyone who came enjoyed themselves massively and they were able to have a platform to embrace and celebrate their own culture.  Many people were also able to learn about new cultures which are present in their local community.
This whole event provided a sense of unity and celebration which lends itself to community cohesion. The whole Badu team were so proud and happy with how the whole event went and we know each year “proud 2 Be” will only get bigger and better!
“Proud 2 be made me proud of where I live, but most importantly who I am as a black woman, there is just so much to be celebrated.”
“My children had so much fun! Can’t wait to see what you guys do for this event next year!”