Badu Community

From Student to Coach

Lamin has become a great asset to the Badu Sports team. From a troublesome student, Lamin has matured into a great role model for young people and pupils in the borough. Now he covers various lessons and clubs making sure the pupils enjoy and learn a lot from their sessions and giving them the experience he received as a child by one of the Badu Sports coaches. Amongst doing that he also runs Goalkeeper training and is an assistant for our unbeaten under 9s football team.

“I enjoy coaching the kids, Sports is always something that I’ve enjoyed, and it is great to give back to these kids what I have learnt over the years, plus what the Badu team have taught me.”

Lamin has been put on various courses to upgrade his knowledge which has motivated him to now start his own basketball club. Lamin is currently doing a football programme at college but feels there is not enough opportunity once the programme is finished.

“I found myself in a position where I didn’t know what I was going to do next? Now that I’ve found coaching, I’m now going to make sure that I can be the best coach possible.”