Badu Community

Proud ‘To Be’ Event

On Friday 19th October Badu Community presented an evening in celebration with black history month. The event was called ‘Proud To Be.’ For this event we were in partnership with Plexal and Black Woman Fashion. The event consisted of motivational performances, inspirational workshops, performances, cultural venders, educational historical faces, light refreshments, networking and an amazing fashion show.

This was a free event which hosted over 100 people at the event. It was a proud an enriching day for all who took part and to all who attended.

The build-up to the event involved a group of young six formers being mentored by Mr Badu inviting them to small focus groups where they got to speak to professional people and learn vital life skills, and also giving them the opportunity to speak in front of small and large crowds. On The event day the group produced a massive timeline highlighting the great things they found out or knew already about black history.

All in all the event was a great success and we looking forward to a bigger and better event next year.